What is the WinterParade?

In collaboration with the Tolhuistuin, we are organizing the Winter version of our theatre festival in the garden of the Tolhuistuin from the 22nd till 30th of December. Expect cosy theatre tents with a diverse range of shows, a silent disco where the Christmas classics will not be skipped, warm mulled wine, Christmas stalls and delicious winter food.

Entrance Tickets

Entrance tickets can be purchased online or at the box office at the grounds entrance. If you buy tickets online, you will receive the e-tickets in your mail.

0-11 years: free
12-17 years: €4.00
From 18 years: €6,00

We Are Public members are free of charge (reservation via WAP is required).
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Barnaby Savage - Fags of Destiny

The Fags of Destiny are extraordinary beings possessing fabulous powers and exceptionally exquisite campness. Their gifts transcend the boundaries of the ordinary (duh) and claim space for that which is called homosexuality. For them, too much is never enough! They fall from one poppy world into another and guided by fate affect everything they encounter. Are you ready for their touch?

€ 10.00 | 30 minutes | Kleine Bruidschat
22, 23, 24, 26 December
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Club Classique - Classical Soundtracks

Stories of Parade visitors form the script of Classical Soundtracks. The ultimate love story, a long lost friendship or just a hilarious anecdote; Club Classique finds the perfect music to go with every story. From an endless list of arias, film music, classical, tango and jazz, Club Classique chooses the ultimate soundtrack.

€ 10.00 | 30 minutes
22, 24, 27 December

The stories from the audience are in Dutch, but the music is universal. If there is an international story it will be in English.
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Stille Disco - Winter Wild Dansfeest

What does it take to give the Christmas feelings we cherish, the warmth smoldering in our hearts, a festive outlet? Dance, dance, dance! When night falls, the WinterParade's one and only 'silent' club opens its doors; an enchanting old Lion's Cage where you will throw aside the daily worries and dance into the night in total Christmas joy.

€ 5.00 | Silent Disco
22 - 30 December
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